GOFIRE: Ultimate All Purpose Fire Starters 100 Count

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Perfect for: Fireplace Charcoal BBQ Grill Fire Pit Wood Burning Stove OutdoorCamping Survival, and more...

Safely and confidently pack GoFire for your family's next adventure from backyard to backcountry.

Ignite your life! GoFire is the only packable and portable ultimate all-purpose fire starter. A true earth-friendly and safer alternative to petrol-based lighter fluids and fire starters. No smell, virtually no smoke!

Trusted and used by millions of outdoor & survival fans - Worldwide

GoFire Ultimate All-purpose Fire Starters, 100% waterproof, non-toxic, food-safe, packable & portable, 8-10 minute burn time30-year shelf life. The package is the wick "no waste left behind".



  • 100% waterproof, non-toxic, food-safe
  • Only truly packable & portable Firestarter. Each GoFire packets weigh less than a pack of matches and will burn for up to 10 minutes at over 1000 degrees. Perfect for your backpack or Must have for any camping trip
  • Will even light on water (see attached)
  • Clean and Eco-Safe Alternative to petroleum/kerosene-based lighter  fluids & fire starters
  • Designed & manufactured to the highest standards in Europe to meet or exceed the most demanding fire-starting needs
  • Leaves no residue in your smoker, green egg or BBQ or woodstove
  • Cost is only pennies per light
  • Made in Europe from a  proprietary Parrafin wax formula 
  • Designed & field-tested to light quickly, slowly gain in intensity, heat & flame density
  • Lights 1st time every time even under the most extreme environmental conditions

Our GoFire formula is proven and has been trusted and used by millions in Europe for the past decade. Now it's here in the USA and Canada to light the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our exclusive formula is made of a Paraffin Wax base that is 100% stable until lit and does not include petroleum.

No, our unique pouches act as the “wick”. Simply light the corner of the pouch to start your fire.

Absolutely. Gofire is designed to be used to light both indoor and outdoor fires.

Absolutely not, Gofire is 100% non-toxic.

Yes, Gofire is 100% waterproof and will even light floating on water.

Yes, Gofire works perfect for lighting Charcoal BBQ, Smoker or Charcoal Chimney starter.

GoFire has 30+ year shelf life.

Typical burn time depending on the environment is between 8-10 Minutes.

Absolutely! Gofire is 100% packable and portable. Take it with you anywhere.

Typical temperture at highest burning point depending on environments is 1000 degree's.

Depending on wind and environment 7-13” flame height can be expected.

No, our unique pouch is designed as the “wick” and burns away leaving no waste behind.

No, Gofire was invented and is produced in Europe to the highest standards. We ship every single order from our Warehouse right here in Fall-River, Massachusetts.

No, Gofire is a privately owned small company based in New England aiming to become the #1 brand of fire starter in the world!!!!